Voluntary disclosure – everything you must know

Temporary order voluntary disclosure protocol is in force as of December 12, 2007 and until December 31, 2019.

As part of the fight against black money, the tax authority published a voluntary disclosure protocol to reduce the amount of un-reported black money by Israelis in Israel and abroad. Israelis who did not report incomes or capital to the income tax authority, are given an opportunity to submit their voluntary disclosure, duly pay their taxes and avoid criminal charges.

Why is it in your best interest to sign up for a consultation?

First, to ensure immunity – the whole process is accompanied by a lawyer from our firm. CPA Gadi Solomovich has vast theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in voluntary disclosure in Israel, and with his ingenuity and creativity has helped hundreds of Israelis deal with the voluntary disclosure proceeding with tax authorities in Israel and abroad. Knowledge is power and Gadi’s knowledge and experience in voluntary disclosure proceedings are unparalleled.
Our firm specializes in various solutions and processes with tax authorities.

How do I set-up a meeting?

גילוי מרצון

With a sign-in form. After you have signed in, we will contact you be phone to organize a meeting.
CPA Gadi Solomovich can be reached by:
 E-mail at gadi@gscpa.co.il
Tell. +972-3-7269999

Do you have a bank account abroad?

Your name may be on income tax’s data bases! Stay out of trouble! Sign up now for a free voluntary disclosure consultation. Our discretion is guaranteed!

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