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International Taxation and Financial Solutions For Football Players and Agents

As part of the growing and complicated deals in the global football market, there are questions and issues which emerged regarding to international tax and domestic tax. It is important, in favor of your client, to give him professional escort and guidance in those subjects, by a tax expert who is also a financial adviser. My name is Gadi Solomovich, a certified public accountant and international tax expert. For the last 10 years, I represent and handle football players and agents regarding taxation and financial issues all around the world.

I have gained extensive and proven experience in Europe and Asia, handling transactions and salaries in the cumulative amount of hundreds of millions of euros. Also in Countries with complex tax policies as China, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Greece in handling top earning players in the biggest clubs.

These are the main services:


Examination of the player contract regarding the settlements with the club, tax and finance issues.

Tax structures

 Finding and building the best tax structures for the favor of the player and the club.

Tax reports

Connecting the player with appropriate local financial and tax service providers for yearly tax reports, references and ongoing services – if required.

Bank accounts

 Escrow and direction in opening bank accounts all around the wolrd.

Current salary checks​

Monitoring the club payments and day to day work with the local finance and tax service providers.


Advising and directing, in investments and business offers, which the player interested in.

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Gadi Solomovich

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